Is my Video going to play on TV and When? GGPTV Airplay


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is it guaranteed that my Music Video Will play?

GGP TV Airplay  makes sure that your music video is submitted to the right people. After we have submitted your video then the compiler and team will go through your submission and decide whether to playlist it or not. GGP TV Airplay has submitted for quite a number of Artists whose music videos was playlisted on TV.

Why is my Music video Rejected?

The GGP TV AIRPLAY team does not decide whether your music video must be play-listed or not, but the TV Content manager or Music compiler will decide with their team to either playlist or reject your music Video.

When will I see my music video on TV?

Every Musician want to know when their music video will be broadcasted on tv, but the truth is ” every TV station has it’s own time to broadcast your music video after it has been added to the playlist and the GGP tv airplay Team does not have access to the time frame of the Music video broadcast, so we only get informed if it’s play-listed and get back to you.

What are the Music Video Submission requirements?

Your Music Video Must be High Definition HD 1080p and clean with no writing and branding. Make sure that you block and logo brand on your music video to avoid rejection. 

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